Perfume Oil Sampler - 12 Perfume Samples in 1ml Vials (Half Filled) by Zoha Fragrances


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  • *Floral: Cherry Bloom, Floral Allure, Jasmine Bloom, Rose Bloom
    *In Style: Evening Bliss, Midnight Bloom, Angel Bloom, Ocean Bliss
    *Popular: Amber Bloom, Egyptian Musk, Vanilla Bloom, White Musk

  • Organized in convenient storage box, samples can be used for layering to make your signature scent.
  • SINGLE NOTE: Zoha perfumes do not have separate top, middle and base notes. They are a special blend of essential oils and aroma compounds in (non sticky) dry-oil base to make a unique fragrance note that evolves with your skin chemistry into a personal scent.
  • SUBTLE & LINGERING: As Zoha perfumes are alcohol-free, they do not evaporate quickly and are not overpowering. Our oil-based perfumes have a fresh, subtle, and lingering scent that can go from daily home and office wear to romantic evenings out.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 221 reviews
    April Finkbeiner
    Love it

    I love the fact that you offer samples to try before I buy the regular size. I found 3 that I like so far. That being said, it would be nice to choose the samples sent…maybe something to offer in the future

    Lillie Mimnaugh
    Parfum Journey to Delight

    Uncapping these sampler sprays is like taking a trip to a marketplace in some far off city. The diversity of scnet... scent combinations makes for an exciting journey for your nostrilsI don't recall ever enjoying a snell... smell experience this much during yoga. Easy 5 stars.

    Susan Morris
    A great little bundle.

    I love some of the fragrances, some are just okay. This is a perfect way to sample several fragrances without spending a lot.

    Blending Possibilities

    By having an array of these scents at your disposal, you get to channel your inner alchemist, blending fragrances to create your own unique scent. It's like choosing your own adventure in the world of perfumery.

    Timothy Vellucci
    Conductin' an Olfactory Jam

    It's a damn decent set for exploring scents. The fragrances are like different music genre, each a different beat, a different rhythm. You can mix 'em up and create your own signature scent blend, just like mixin' tracks and whippin' up a killer sound. Tho' the 'less is more' half-filled idea is not my favorite melody, it's a good start for someone tuned into the perfume world.