Perfume Oil Sampler - 12 Perfume Samples in 1ml Vials (Half Filled) by Zoha Fragrances


  • Samples of 12 perfume oil Vials (Half Filled) with the applicator in a convenient storage box.

  • Floral Samples: Jasmine Bloom, Lavender Bloom, Floral Allure, and Rose Bloom
  • Soft and Subtle: Amber Bloom, Egyptian Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla Bloom and White Musk
  • Strong and Intense: Angel Bloom, Arabian Musk and Spice Woods
  • NO SCENT DISCLAIMER - Parfum oils evolve with the skin chemistry. Based on each person’s unique skin chemistry, the intensity of our perfume will range from very light (almost NO SMELL) to medium.