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  • SCENT: Dive into a world of serenity with our Sandal Wood oil perfume roll-on. Infused with notes of cedar, authentic sandalwood, hints of clove, delicate rose, amber, and a touch of vanilla, this Sandalwood perfume offers a harmonious balance of earthy warmth and gentle sweetness, invigorating your senses.
  • GENTLE WHISPERS: Without the presence of alcohol, our perfumes last longer than regular perfumes without being too imposing. Our Sandalwood roll-on perfume oil graces you with a discreet, enduring aroma, perfect for your daily grind or starry night dates.
  • SEAMLESS SYMPHONY: Zoha Fragrances doesn't compartmentalize fragrances into top, middle, or base tiers. Instead, we merge essential oils and aromatic elements in a carrier oil, creating a Sandalwood scent that meshes uniquely with your own natural essence.
  • PURE ELEGANCE: Prioritizing unadulterated beauty, our Sandalwood perfumes ditch alcohol, artificial shades, mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, and take pride in being “PETA-Certified Vegan”.
  • SCENT DISCLAIMER: Akin to an artist's palette, perfume oils adapt to individual canvases. So, influenced by one's distinctive skin chemistry, our Sandalwood perfumes can vary from a soft murmur (nearly no scent) to a confident conversation.

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Size: 5ML

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Customer Reviews

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love gives me energy

Winston W.
Magical Whiffs

The Sandalwood Perfume Oil by Zoha is straight up magic bottled up. Not only does it smell absolutely stunning, but it lasts forever on the skin and continues to unfold its aroma as the day goes on. It feels like a personal scent, tailored to your skin. Huge fan of the fact that it's ethically sourced and vegan too. Complete winner!

Mark Lennon
Made in USA! Patriotic, ain't it?

Seeing 'Made in USA' on the label gives you a nice feeling, ain't it? It's like, 'hey, we're supporting home business!' Well, folks, Zoha perfumes are proudly made in the land of freedom and dreams. This here's a product that not only makes you smell good, but feel good too about supporting local economy. Yeehaw!

Jeffery E.
Neutral Opinion

Stumbled upon this Zoha Sandalwood Perfume Oil. It's alright. If you're a fan of real subtle smells, this might be perfect for you.

A Clean, Vegan and USA Made Perfume

What I truly appreciate about this Zoha perfume is that it does not contain any parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, artificial coloring and known toxins. Its PETA certified vegan and made in USA. That's a big plus for me.