Casual Collection

Light and Refreshing Perfumes for Casual Wear

Stepping out for a quick errand or meeting friends for brunch? A casual scent perfume that feels light yet impactful can complete your look. At Zoha Fragrances, we have curated a selection of casual perfumes designed for just this - everyday wear that doesn't overpower but rather complements. Our unique blend features fougere, musky, and aromatic perfume notes. The resulting fragrance feels light and refreshing and is perfect for those who want a subtle signature scent to accompany them throughout the day. Elevate your daily routine with our casual perfumes and embrace the joy of feeling effortlessly fresh. The pleasant fragrance lingers all day long, making you feel fresh.

Alcohol-Free Casual Perfumes for Men & Women

For those who prefer understated elegance, Zoha Fragrances introduces its range of alcohol-free casual perfumes. As these perfumes are alcohol-free, they do not evaporate quickly, ensuring the scent stays long enough without being too overpowering or too faint. The fresh, subtle, and lingering scent of our oil-based perfumes is perfect for daily home and office wear, seamlessly transitioning to romantic evenings out. This range caters to both men and women, ensuring that irrespective of gender, everyone has access to a quality casual scent perfume that feels just right anytime, anywhere. Discover your next favorite fragrance from our extensive collection today.

Online Perfume Store for Oil-Based & Casual Scents

At Zoha Fragrances, each perfume is crafted with dedication and expertise. Our perfumes feature a special blend of essential oils and aroma compounds combined with a carrier oil. This formula ensures that each casual perfume evolves with your skin chemistry, transforming into a personal scent that's uniquely yours. Our online store boasts a diverse collection that includes fragrances like Ocean Bliss, Island Bliss, Evening Bliss, and Midnight Bliss. Whether you're looking for a scent that reminds you of a serene beach or a mysterious midnight adventure, our range of casual perfumes has something for everyone. Dive into the world of Zoha's oil-based & casual scents.