Arabian Musk Roll On Perfume for Women and Men


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  • SCENT: Immerse yourself in an urban and intense aura with our Arabian Musk perfume roll-ons, embodying a rich, earthy musk intertwined with sweet wood nuances and robust top notes. Reminiscent of Oud, the enchanting Arabian Musk perfume unfolds a woodsy, magnetic scent, taking you on a mystical journey, wandering through the vibrant, exotic bazaars of the Middle East.
  • GENTLE & PERSISTENT: Zoha Fragrances offers alcohol-free perfumes that guarantee a subtle, long-lasting presence by preventing rapid evaporation. Our Arabian Musk perfume oil exudes a light, subtle, and enduring aroma, transitioning smoothly from daily casual and workplace use to enchanting evening engagements.
  • UNIFIED NOTE: Zoha Fragrances perfumes do away with the conventional distinction of top, middle, and base notes. Instead, they feature a specialized amalgamation of essential oils and aromatic compounds suspended in a carrier oil to create a singular fragrance note that morphs with your skin chemistry, transforming into a unique, personal scent.
  • PURE ELEGANCE: We pride ourselves on our clean beauty standards. Our perfumes are free from alcohol, artificial colors, mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates and proudly bear the “PETA-Certified Vegan” label.
  • SUBLIME SCENT DISCLAIMER: Our Arabian Musk perfume oil evolves with individual skin chemistry. Depending on one's unique skin attributes, the aroma of our perfume oscillates from a delicate whisper to a moderate fragrance.

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Size: 5ML

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Customer Reviews

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Free from harmful toxins

Zoha's Arabian musk perfume oil doesn't have any harmful elements like parabens, mineral oils or artificial coloring. It's definitely a healthier option for you and for our planet.

Mari L.
Subtle Yet Powerful

Think of Zoha's Cherry Bloom Perfume as that one quiet, subtle car that hits the gas when you need it. The scent is light, not overpowering and yet, stays as long as heavy-duty brake pads. Plus, this thing moisturizes. It's oil-based but isn't stickier than leaky axle grease. Perfect for different occasions, just like my multipurpose wrench.

Connie X.
Freshness Galore

I must admit that this perfume is very fresh. It doesn't have that synthetic feel that many others do. It feels natural; refined, and simply amazing. Makes you feel like you're strolling through a cherry blosom garden.

My Scent Game Changer: Zoha's Cherry Perfume

Zoha's Cherry perfume was a game changer for me. In my bizzaro life with dealing with animals at the zoo, this thing does wonders man. Doesn't spook the critters, and the humans like it too. It's got this subtle and lasting fragrance. Evolves with my skin, its gorgeous!

Myrtis M.
Cherry Bloom, Subtle Yet Confident

I have to say, this Zoha Cherry Bloom Perfume Oil is a freakin' game changer. Perfumes normally smell like some sort of fancy chemical lab to me, but this stuff? Its got the lingering scent of Lost+Cherry Perfume, which is not infamous but far from it. Plus its all wrapped in alochol free oil, meaning it wont clash with the smels in my kicthen. It was kind of like finding a new favorite ingredient.