Floral Collection

Indulge Your Senses With Our Collection of Floral Perfumes

Feel sweet and elegant with our composition of floral perfumes. Zoha Fragrances has meticulously crafted a floral perfume collection that feels like a delightful escape to a valley of flowers. As you wear our scents, imagine yourself amidst a bloom, surrounded by nature's beauty. Dewy and bright, each floral aroma captures the beautiful elegance of blooming flowers. Our floral perfume oil compositions ensure you don't just wear a fragrance but experience the freshness and richness of nature's bounty. Dive deep into this collection and embrace the sheer bliss of floral elegance. The beautiful scent of blooming flowers will take you to a different world.

Alcohol-Free Floral Perfumes for Men & Women

Zoha’s oil-based perfumes have no alcohol, ensuring that the beauty and authenticity of the floral scent remain intact. Unlike other fragrances, our floral perfumes do not evaporate quickly or cause skin dryness. Our floral perfume oil offers a refined and luxurious feel, suitable for both men and women. Floral notes aren't just about femininity; they also hold a universal appeal that transcends gender boundaries. As you explore our range, experience the unique, lasting scents that stay true to the heart of every bloom. From Arabian Mogra to Spring Blossom, we have fragrances for all tastes. Browse our unique collection now.

Shop Floral Perfumes Online at Zoha Fragrances

Discovering your signature scent has never been easier. At Zoha Fragrances, we've curated an extensive online collection of floral perfumes for our discerning customers. From the enchanting Lavender Bloom and Jasmine Bloom to the timeless Rose Bloom and Lily Bloom Roll On, we stock something for everyone. Shopping online with us offers you the convenience of exploring our range at your own pace, ensuring you find the perfect match for your fragrance profile. Each of our floral perfumes promises quality and longevity. Immerse yourself in the world of Zoha's fragrant blooms and redefine your scent story. Place your order now. We ship fast.