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  • SCENT: Feel fresh and casual with our composition of Rose perfume, an elegant rose fragrance that captures the petal like aroma of the rose flower. Rose Bloom is a casual rose fragrance that feels like an escape to the valley of roses.
  • SUBTLE & LINGERING: As Zoha perfumes are alcohol-free they do not evaporate quickly and are not overpowering. Our oil-based perfumes have a fresh, subtle, and lingering scent that can go from daily home and office wear to romantic evenings out.
  • SINGLE NOTE: Zoha perfumes do not have separate top, middle and base notes. They are a special blend of essential oils and aroma compounds in carrier oil to make a unique fragrance note that evolves with your skin chemistry into a personal scent.
  • CLEAN BEAUTY: Our perfumes have no alcohol, no artificial coloring, no mineral oils, no parabens, no phthalates, no sulfates and are PETA Certified Vegan.
  • NO SCENT DISCLAIMER - Parfum oils evolve with the skin chemistry. Based on each person’s unique skin chemistry, the intensity of our perfume will range from very light (almost NO SMELL) to medium.

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Size: 5ML

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Customer Reviews

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Rita Gutkowski
A touch of Vegan Elegance

I know a thing or two about yoga, but who knew I could know so much about parfume, eh? Zoha's Rose Bloom Perfume Oil is as resilient as it is refreshing. Despite being alcohol free, - it does not evaporate quickly nor does it overpower your senses. The scent is a vegan elixir of elegance, providing a gentle moisturizing effect on the skin, making it a daily essential.

Walter Dye
Mindful of the scent

As a yoga instructor, mindfulness is key to me. Zoha's Rose Bloom Perfume Oil has booste that. The mild, lasting scent adds to the calm and ease of my practice. It's a blend of environmentally minded ingredients that evolve into a parent scent. Couldn't have askex for more.

Roy H.
Not All Roses Are Red

This really isn't your run-of-the-mill rose fragrance. It has a subtiel touch to it that differentiats it from others. And I think that's the key here - it's subtle enough for a comfortable classroom setting but impactful enough to leave an impression.

Made for Any Occasion

This rose prerfume makes you feel like you're in a rose garden no matter where you are. The scenr is both casual and classy - it feels like an escape to a valley of roses. It's great for a day at work or a dinner date after. It's not overpowering so It won't distract anyone while you're in a meeting or working closely with coworkers.

Sweet & Subtle

This Rose Bloom from Zoha is really cute. Nice and fresh aroma, feels like a walk in da garden and not too sweet, so it's not annoying at all! Kinda wish it lasted longer tho.