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  • SCENT: Feel the refreshing embrace of our Persian Garden perfume oil. This delicate floral blend of Persian oils paints a heartwarming picture of a breezy Persian garden. Its unexpectedly sweet and enigmatic notes are sure to delight your olfactory senses.
  • GENTLE & PERSISTENT: Zoha’s perfumes, being alcohol-free, don't dissipate in a few hours or dominate the senses. Our Persian perfume oil boasts a delicate, understated aroma, fitting for both routine moments and starlit rendezvous.
  • UNIFIED MELODY: Instead of juggling top, middle, or base notes, Zoha’s perfumes harmonize essential oils and aromatic compounds. This unique concoction, housed in a carrier oil, molds itself to your skin, yielding a scent that's distinctively you.
  • PURE INDULGENCE: Our commitment to clean beauty stands tall. Our Persian Garden roll-on perfume shuns alcohol, artificial tints, mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates and proudly wears the badge of “PETA-Certified Vegan”.
  • SCENT FLUIDITY DISCLAIMER: Perfume oils are akin to chameleons, adapting to one's skin. With the personal touch of skin chemistry, our Persian perfume can oscillate between a near-silent whisper and a gentle hum.

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Size: 5ML

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Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
From Dawn till Dusk: Zoha's Versatile Scent

Whether it's a morning Zoom meeting with the team or a romantic dinner at home, Zoha's long lasting perfume has got you covered. Its subtle yet lingering scent fits perfectly with just about anything, making it my go-to perfume for any occasion. Easy five-star rating from this homebody sense-smitten freelancer.

Max U.
Zoha - The essential perfume

Just checked out this Persian Garden Perfume Oil from Zoha. Its ethereal and fresh. It mingles with your body chemistry for a unique personal scent no kidding! More like natural oil not a perfume. So, ready to oil up? #OilNotPerfume

Jean Renteria
Elixr of Enchantment : Zoha Perfume Review

Zoha Perfume is insanely good. The scent is fresh yet sublte, and hovers for hours due to its organic compoisiton. Essentail oils and aroma compounds create an evolving fragrance something I truly apprciate. Bets part is, it's not overbearing and lasts pretty long which is a huge bonus. The fact that it's PETA certified Vegan and free of known toxins, makes it a decent choice for those who care about the environment. Price could be friendlier, though.

A Dab of Elegance: Zoha’s Persian Garden Perfume Oil

Zoha's Persian Garden Perfume Oil isnt just another pretty face in the crowd. It has endearing subtlety, an elegance that shies away from the garish and overpowering. A dab of this on your wrist, behind the ear or on the collarbone, and you're all set to make a quietly confident impression.

Shelia Colliver
Pefume that's Healthy, Not Just Smelly

Truly elated with this product! The hypoallergenic nature makes it perfect for sensitive skin folks like me. Plus, it's free from dubious elements like Phthalates, Parabens and others, which gives the peace of mind that you're not just smelling good, but also doing good for your health.