Essential Oil Infused (One Hour) Incense Sticks, 100 grams / 75 sticks


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  • One Hour Incense - Each incense burn for 50 to 60 minutes
  • Dipped in fragrance oil blended with essential oils for smooth fragrant burn
  • Packaged in moisture proof bags to maintain maximum oil moisture
  • Package includes 100 grams / Approximate 75 count of incense sticks

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Size: Arabian Musk

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Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Sandalwood Incense – A Traveler Must-Have!

Hey, yall! Just returned from the backcountry and can't help but share my find - Sandalwood Incense. Boy, do these sticks pack a punch or what! I've been carrying them in my backpack and lemme tell ya, they're a lifesaver after those long, sweaty hikes. A blend of essential oils and other stuff, this incense fills up the space with an aroma that's a real treat. And they burn for like 50 to 60 minutes at a stretch - that's your cue for those long overdue, chilling under the stars moments. Let's not kid ourselves, moisture can be a real buzzkill. Fortunately, these come packed in a moisture-proof bag - a relief, especially if you're near water bodies. You get about 75 sandalwood sticks in a 100 grams package. That's quite alot for a traveller like you and me. So, don't leave behind these trusty travel buddies on your next voyage. Stay fragrant, folks!

Michele Woods
Jasmine Lovers, This One's for You

These Jasmine Bloom Incense sticks by Zoha are a treat for all the Jasmine lovers out there. They have a refreshing and lingering fragrance that elevates the mood instantly. Also, each stick burns for about an hour, impressive, no? One thing though, don't forget to place an incense holder underneath the oil can drip a bit.

Deborah O.
Smooth Operator

Like a skillfully frothed milk added to your coffee, there's a certain smoothness to these beautifully packaged incense sticks. Infused with essential oils, they burn longer, with less smoke but more fragrance. It's kind of like the pleasure of sipping on a well-brewed flat white - smooth, fragrant and it totally hits the spot.

Robert E.
Sandalwood Incense: The Unsung Hero Of Travelling Tales

The saying 'Great things come in small packages', got a new meaning after I started travelling with sandalwood incense. Now, isn't that something?! Here's a travel hack that I've been using for a while. I pack a few of these oil infused incense sticks in my backpack. The sandalwood aroma is kind of therapeutic as it seeps its olfactory note in my clothes and gear. See, the incense sticks are like a breath of fresh serenity amongst the chaotic mix of travel smells. Yep, you know Im talking about that wet-socks-turned-moldy-kinda smell. So, this pack of around 75 sandalwood incense sticks is pretty much home for me, reminding me of good ol times. And talk about the packaging, moisture-proof, just like you need for any hostile weather. Looks like small things do really dominate the world, each stick burns for over 50 minutes, enough to get lost into your thoughts amidst the wilderness. Travelers, dont overlook the importance of this tiny nasal niblet!

Justine G.
Incense Sticks done right

Honest reveiw here- These Jasmine Bloom sticks are simply the best, better than all the rest (no pun inteded okay maybe a little). They're crafted with care and you can tell! The scent lasts for hours and perfumes my space beautifully. The packagin is also clever. Moisture proof bags - A stroke of genious! Highly recommend these for your aroma-therapy.