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  • SCENT: Get mesmerized by the captivating allure of our Jasmine Bloom perfume oil. Every whiff captures the intoxicating charm of the Jasmine flower, wrapping you in an enchantingly sweet mystique.
  • SIMPLE YET PROFOUND: Devoid of alcohol, Zoha’s perfumes don't vanish in a flash or overwhelm your senses. Our jasmine oil perfume boasts a crisp, understated aroma that's versatile enough for both everyday activities and dreamy nighttime escapades.
  • CONSISTENT NOTE: Rather than dancing between top, middle, and base notes, Zoha Fragrances perfumes strike a harmonious chord. Using a unique blend of essential oils and aromatic compounds, each fragrance seamlessly meshes with your skin chemistry to create a scent that's unmistakably you.
  • PURELY AUTHENTIC: We take pride in our clean beauty commitment. Our jasmine perfume shuns alcohol, artificial dyes, mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates and carries the honor of being “PETA-Certified Vegan”.
  • SCENT DISCLAIMER: Remember, perfume oils are as unique as you, blending with individual skin chemistry. This means the potency of our jasmine perfume can oscillate from a whisper-soft hint to a gentle embrace.

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Size: 5ML

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Customer Reviews

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Agnes Guerra
Jasmine Bloom

I really like the fragrance. I gave it as a gift, and she really loved it. I will always buy this fragrance.

Morris L.
Zoha's Jasmine Bloom Perfume Oil: A Fragrant Legend

Been there, done that with many perfumes, but nothing quite hit me like Zoha's Jasmine Bloom Perfume Oil. Made me feel like a legend walking on my own storyline, if you catch my drift. It's unique, individual, and smooth. Felt as if this Jasmine Bloom Perfume Oil was customized just for me. Absolute showstopper and a complete gamechanger in the perfume world.

Scent that accompanies you...all day!

One can clearly see the advange of alcohol free perfumes... The non-evaporating aspect was a pleasant surprise... You have this lingering scent that stays with you all day...from office to your evening outings. Not to mention... its also travel-friendly!

Tyrone O.
From Day to Night, In a Swipe

What's awesome about this little roll-on marvel is that it's subtlety yet lingering. Whether you're cozied up at home, pullin' them long hours at work, or out for a late-night ride, it's just right. It ain't no overpowering fragrance that's gonna knock out everyone out. Instead, it gives you this fresh and subtle scent that just kina lingers in the background. Quite like a good piece of music!

Stepp away from the O2 Mask - This Perfume's All Natural

Jasmine Bloom Perfume oil, is like beathing in a fresh smell insted of smoke and ash. It's pretty light and non-sticky, so you aint gonna feel like you walked thru a grease fire. Zoha sure did a pgood job with this one, even if it ain't gona quite take your breathe away like a smoke-filled room. It's a solid 4 star for me, pals.