Perfume Oil Sampler - 12 Perfume Samples in 1ml Vials (Half Filled) by Zoha Fragrances


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  • *Floral: Cherry Bloom, Floral Allure, Jasmine Bloom, Rose Bloom
    *In Style: Evening Bliss, Midnight Bloom, Angel Bloom, Ocean Bliss
    *Popular: Amber Bloom, Egyptian Musk, Vanilla Bloom, White Musk

  • Organized in convenient storage box, samples can be used for layering to make your signature scent.
  • SINGLE NOTE: Zoha perfumes do not have separate top, middle and base notes. They are a special blend of essential oils and aroma compounds in (non sticky) dry-oil base to make a unique fragrance note that evolves with your skin chemistry into a personal scent.
  • SUBTLE & LINGERING: As Zoha perfumes are alcohol-free, they do not evaporate quickly and are not overpowering. Our oil-based perfumes have a fresh, subtle, and lingering scent that can go from daily home and office wear to romantic evenings out.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Susan Morris
    A great little bundle.

    I love some of the fragrances, some are just okay. This is a perfect way to sample several fragrances without spending a lot.

    Definitely Recommend

    I am in love with their Vanilla perfume! I loved purchasing their sample pack because I could find out which scents were my favorites and which I didn't like. That way I knew which scents I wanted to purchase larger bottles of. The sample sizes lasted me for quite a while too! I got lots of compliments, and the perfume seemed to last for hours! I will definitely be purchasing more in the future, and would highly recommend their products!

    Arzu Iliyazova
    Lovely Natural Sampler

    I purchased this sampler because I wanted to try all of the scents and find my favorite. All scents smell amazingly good and I found my favorites although I can use them all for different occasions. I also like how natural they smell and I appreciate the ingredients of the perfumes. I do not use regular perfumes because of the tons of harmful chemicals. That is why I have been looking for quality perfume oils for a long time and these are my favorite so far. They are not too strong but are long-lasting and most importantly they make me feel good about my health when I apply them.

    A great gift!

    My husband gave me a Zoha Fragrance sampler for Christmas. He wanted to buy me a fragrance but was unsure of what I would like, so this was the perfect way to give a gift and let me choose all at the same time!

    Great way to try lovely scents and find my favorites

    I bought a sample selection a while ago, hoping this would help me find find a favorite scent. I fell in love with 4 or 5 of them, and found the chart helps me understand better what kinds of scents I like. The small vials made it easy to keep these in my medicine chest and see them easily. They didn't leak, and in the package provided they sit upright. The oil base is light, and melts into my skin easily. I have sensitive skin and have never had a problem. The scents are lovely, not too strong or too subtle, and I appreciate this chance to try several. Great idea! My teenagers tried them too - we had a fun perfume sample party smelling them all.