Benefits of oil based perfumes
November 18, 2020

Benefits of oil based perfumes

Zoha’s perfume oil-mists (spray) are a special blend of essential oils and aroma compounds in carrier oil to make a unique fragrance note that evolves with your skin chemistry into a personal scent. Preserving the healthy and long-lasting benefits of a perfume oil, the oil-mist (spray) is a convenient new way to wear oil-based perfumes. Our most popular perfume oils such as Amber, Jasmine, Rose and White Musk are used as the base for these lighter formulations that spray out as a fine mist, instantly absorbed in the skin. Our revolutionary perfumes contain zero alcohol, protecting the fragrances in their purest form, so that the mist leaves a subtle and fresh scent with a satiny-smooth feel for all-day wear.

These cost-effective perfumes last longer, are a healthy option for sensitive skin and are less overpowering than conventional, alcohol-based perfumes. The elements and extracts in oil fragrances are more concentrated than those in standard, alcohol-based perfumes, so the scent stays longer after application. The oil’s moisturizing properties make it suitable for any skin type. Oil mists stay close to the skin and radiate outwards with the warmth of pulse points, keeping the scent contained within you and less overpowering than alcohol-based perfumes that leave a strong trail behind them. Our perfume mists are priced economically, keeping the average consumer in mind. The perfume’s effectivity makes it long-lasting and wearable, so that one bottle will last you quite a while. With a reasonable price, you’re guaranteed an elegant and royal experience. Indulge in unique, exotic fragrances and be pleasantly surprised.


For the optimal royal fragrance experience, rub the oil on warm areas like the inner wrists, behind the ear lobes, in the cleavage, behind the knees and in the inner elbows. As you wear your perfume oil through the day, it will react with your body’s natural heat and continue to emit scent.

To wear the scent on clothes, spray the oil into the air and walk through the mist or spray from a distance.